PR & Media Relations

We create bespoke communications campaigns that are designed to work seamlessly across every media platform.

Through our extensive network and long-standing relationships with lifestyle media, we are able to guarantee the placement of high level editorial that drives brand awareness and traffic.

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Celebrity & VIP

Our celebrity and VIP strategic seeding programmes ensure that our clients product gets into the hands of targeted VIP’s and celebrities who want to be seen in the right brands.

This involves spotting the rising stars as well as working with established talent to build the brand profile.

  • Celebrity Seeding
  • VIP Endorsement
  • VIP Celebrity Gifting
  • Talent Engagement
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Brand Ambassadors


We generate coverage and brand chatter by collaborating with select influencers who have original material and maintain an authentic relationship with their followers.

Unwritten pushes the envelope and conceives brand content that boosts brand advocacy and conversion.

  • Blogger Outreach
  • Influencer Interaction
  • Digital Experiences
  • Social Media
  • Web Content
  • Digital Campaign Activation


PR is fundamentally about great story telling. That’s why we invest considerable time in understanding what drives a brand and how consumers emotionally relate to it.

Using these insights, we develop strategic and tactical PR initiatives built around a new and engaging brand narrative that delivers media cut-through and draws in customers.

  • Sponsorship Tie-Ups
  • PR & Customer Events
  • Product Placement
  • Press Show Room
  • Store & Product Launches

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